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The water passing through your plumbing is been cleaned and purified by extremely sophisticated facilities, however, this can be undone by an uncontrolled cross-connection. A cross-connection is a mechanical term that describes either a temporary or permanent connection between a potable (drinking) and non-potable (non-drinking) water source, where contamination from backflow may occur. True controlled cross connections and backflow prevention can only be guaranteed if an experienced plumbing and heating contractor like Ram Mechanical is hired. Ram Mechanical technicians are trained in backflow protection requirements, how to evaluate for the degree of hazard and backflow it is controlling, installation, annual testing, and maintenance.

New, potentially harmful cross-connections are installed every day, because of a lack of education, knowledge, and training throughout the mechanical industry. Death and illness are not the only possible consequence of not controlling cross-connection. Recently, manufacturing companies have been forced to recall products (foods, chemicals, industrial) and destroy entire batches of goods due to contamination from cross-connection backflow.

Local water supply gets contaminated with E. coli for a residential cross-connection:

Uncontrolled cross-connections can not only contaminate your water supply, but they can also contaminate the water of others that share your grid. A recent example of this, from June 2015, can be found in Clinton, Utah. The City of Clinton offers a secondary water service (an untreated waterline for use in watering plants and lawns). Due to a drought, secondary water had not been available. In order to water their lawn, a local resident took it upon themselves to hook their irrigation water lines to the city’s potable water supply without installing cross-connection control. Once secondary water was available again, the secondary line was pressurized. The secondary line produced a greater pressure than the potable water line causing backflow into the city’s drinking water supply. The city’s water was found to be contaminated with E. coli and coliform and they were forced to put their water under a boil advisory.

Local water providers, in the case of the greater Edmonton area, EPCOR, will issue a letter of noncompliance when an uncontrolled or unsatisfactory cross-connection is found during an inspection.

Ram Mechanical makes achieving compliance
easier than ever

Submit your noncompliance letter to Ram and we will formulate a plan, along with a budget and schedule, to bring you back into compliance. It is also a requirement that all control devices be tested and recertified annually. Our standard testing rate is $185 per device, with discounts for the testing of multiple control devices.

Cross connections can be found in all mechanical systems, and they should be evaluated on an individual basis by a trained plumbing technician for their backflow prevention requirements. Common areas of cross-connections include:

  • service sinks
  • washbasins
  • boilers
  • processing tanks
  • hose bibs
  • irrigation sprinkler systems
  • fire suppression sprinkler systems
  • photo processing equipment
  • car washes
  • water recirculating systems
  • swimming pools
  • solar heating systems
  • laboratories
  • aspirator equipment
  • auxiliary water supplies

Because all mechanical systems include cross-connections, the requirements of your local plumbing code must be assessed by a licensed plumber to ensure the proper cross-connection backflow controller is used.

Common cross-connection protection devices used in Alberta by risk level:

RPPA: A Reduced Pressure Principle Assembly offers protection in high-risk situations. This device is used with boilers, irrigation systems that automatically introduce chemicals in the water or car washes that inject soap directly into the water. This system is testable and must be certified annually.

DCVA: A Double Check Valve Assembly offers protection in moderate to low-risk situations. This device is used with irrigation systems that do not automatically introduce chemicals in the water or with any potable water source. Depending on the situation, this system might be testable and may be certified annually.

VB: A Vacuum Breaker offers protection in low-risk situations. This device is used with hose bibs or garden hose faucets. This system is non-testable.

PVB: A Pressure Vacuum Breaker offers protection in low-risk situations. This device is used with mop sinks. This system is non-testable.

The two simplest methods of eliminating the risk of backflow in a cross-connection:

1) Installation of a hose connection vacuum breaker
This device is cheap, available from most hardware stores, and very easy to install. A hose connection vacuum breaker is typically installed between your outdoor faucet, or hose bib, and your garden hose. A hose connection vacuum breaker prevents the siphoning of water up to your garden hose and into your house.

2) Maintaining a one-inch air gap
An air gap between a potable and non-potable water supply represents a physical separation and will prevent cross-contamination.

As a home or business owner, you are legally responsible for preventing contamination of the water in your building, and the contamination of the public water supply from your building. Not acting reasonably, practicable, or being found to be negligent in a cross-connection contamination case can lead to serious fines or even jail time. Be proactive and due diligent prior to purchasing a building by hiring a certified mechanical contractor, like Ram Mechanical, to take part in the building inspection process. If you already own a building, we recommend having it inspected sooner than later. Once your building’s cross-connections are inspected and classified, we will install the relevant cross-connection prevention devices. Once these devices are installed, an annual inspection and certification are all that’s required to keep your building in compliance. Protect your business, your investment, and yourself by being proactive. Call Ram Mechanical today for a consultation and to schedule an inspection.

Cross Connection Control – Edmonton
Industrial & Commercial Plumbers – Edmonton

Backflow Prevention

Edmonton: 780-453-3090
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Providing Cross Connection Control in Edmonton Since 1984
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