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Rooftop Units Service Repair

Rooftop HVAC Service and Repair in the Fort McMurray Area

If your rooftop furnace or AC unit is giving you trouble, it’s important to be able to rely on a reputable and local HVAC company that is ready and willing to help you around the clock with any type of emergency rooftop unit repair you may need.  When you work with Ram Mechanical, we’ll be available 24/7, ready to quickly dispatch one of our experienced HVAC repair technicians to your business or facility.  When working with our team, you’ll never have to deal with complicated phone trees or unanswered calls.  We understand that if you’re experiencing heating and cooling issues, it’s likely affecting your business, and we’ll do everything in our power to have you feeling comfortable again as quickly as possible.  In addition, all of our certified HVAC technicians are highly trained, arrive on time, wearing uniforms that convey a sense of professionalism that we try to instill in everyone that wears the Ram Mechanical logo.


If Your Roof Top HVAC Unit is in Need of Repairs, Call the Fort McMurray HVAC Experts Today

A commercial rooftop unit typically houses the main components that provide air conditioning and heating to your business or facility.  When you experience issues with your rooftop unit, it’s best to work with a reputable commercial HVAC services provider that is well versed in working on rooftop units.  Many times these units can be difficult to access and are built much differently than a standard residential HVAC system.  At Ram Mechanical, our certified HVAC technicians are properly trained to quickly spot and repair any issues that may be affecting your business’ failed rooftop furnace or air conditioning unit.

Because of their location, rooftop units are typically exposed to an array of extensive weather damage, debris and contaminants that can lead to clogged filters, corrosion, blocked air grilles and much more that can severely impact their operation.  Factor in the harsh winters and summers in Fort McMurray and you can likely understand why your rooftop unit may be experiencing issues.  Only a qualified HVAC contractor will be able to spot an issue with your rooftop unit and repair it safely within your budget.

Importance of Preventative Maintenance for Rooftop Units

We likely sound like a broken record when we discuss the importance of preventative maintenance, but this is especially true when it comes to rooftop units.  Because these units are out in the elements all year long, yet difficult to access, it’s important that you schedule preventative maintenance with a reputable HVAC contractor to spot small issues, before they become large ones.  At Ram Mechanical we recommend that you have an HVAC technician inspect your rooftop unit at least twice per year to ensure it is operating at peak efficiency levels. The best way to avoid an emergency HVAC repair is to properly maintain your current rooftop unit.

Give Ram Mechanical a Call at the First Sign of Issues With Your Rooftop Unit

At the first sign that your rooftop isn’t operating properly, feel free to reach out to the Fort McMurray HVAC contractors at Ram Mechanical today.  With more than 30 years of experience serving the wonderful residents of Fort McMurray, we’re committed to keeping you comfortable all year round.  Give our office a call today at 780-799-7201 to set up a free consultation with one of our experienced rooftop HVAC technicians.

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