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30+ years in Edmonton –  Plumbing & Heating Experts

edmonton plumbing contractorOur Edmonton plumbing and heating specialists have been providing quality workmanship in Edmonton since 1984. Now that we have expanded to Fort McMurray, we look forward to providing 24/7 service to northern Alberta for another 30 years.

Honesty, integrity, and professionalism are words we live by. Ram Mechanical offers a wide range of mechanical and plumbing services for Edmonton residential, commercial, industrial and institutional clients. Whether you need a complex design-build, or a toilet replaced, Ram Mechanical is waiting to serve you.

We are COR certified and are proud to be partners and champions of safety. All of our plumbing, heating, and gas fitting work is done in accordance with manufacturer specifications and meet or exceed local, provincial and national building codes. Our Edmonton plumbers are Alberta-certified journeypersons and our apprentices are registered. All of our plumbing and heating technicians are experts in troubleshooting, best practices, and maintenance. When you have Ram Mechanical working for you, you will rest assured that you are in the best hands.
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Plumbing, Gas Fitting & HVAC
Industrial & Commercial Plumbers – Edmonton
Commercial Plumbing Experts

Call us 24 hours a day – 7 days a week for EMERGENCY plumbing & heating services:
Fort McMurray: 780-799-7201

Edmonton Furnace Repair

Living in a northern climate makes providing reliable heat to your home critical. Our Edmonton heating technicians are available 24/7 to respond to your emergency ‘no heat’ calls. We also provide pre-heating-season inspections of furnaces. Our pre-season inspection ensures that your furnace is operating properly, and will help reduce failures.
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Edmonton Drain Cleaning – Steam Cleaning – CCTV Inspections

Ram Mechanical is here to help with all your drainage issues. Our Edmonton plumbing technicians are trained and equipped to deal with all types of blockages. We can clear most drain blockages with standard drain cleaning using a drain auger and various heads. For drains that are blocked with heavy grease and sediment, we also provide drain steam cleaning. We also offer CCTV drain inspections. With CCTV drain inspections, we can determine the cause of your problem. Having a CCTV drain inspection done first, could save money by finding the best way to solve the problem from the start.

Edmonton Commercial Drain Cleaning / Steam Cleaning / CCTV Drain Inspections

We are trained and equipped to deal with all types of drainage issues in commercial buildings. Blocked drains? we’re on call 24/7 to provide you with you with the fast response that is required to prevent further damage. We offer standard drain cleaning with drain augers that are equipped with different heads for clearing blockages. We also offer steam cleaning for lines that are blocked with grease and deposits that standard augers can’t clear. Our Edmonton plumbing technicians are also capable of providing CCTV drain inspections for determining the cause of the blockage.

Edmonton Industrial Drain Cleaning / Steam Cleaning / CCTV Drain Inspectionscommerical plumber edmonton - ram mechanical

Our Edmonton and area plumbing technicians are on call 24/7 to respond to your industrial drainage needs. We offer a quick response to blocked drains. Once on site, the skilled plumbing technicians can assess the best way to proceed to fix your problem. We are equipped to provide standard drain cleaning with our augers and assorted heads. We also do CCTV drain inspections in the Edmonton area, which allows us to not only locate the drainage issue, but also allows us to identify the problem. CCTV inspections are often the most efficient means of assessing a drainage issue, because once an issue has been identified, we are able to proceed in the most timely and effective manner. We also provide our customers with the option to have their drains steam cleaned. Steam cleaning not only allows us to remove blockages, it also cleans the pipe and helps restore it back to it full diameter.

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Edmonton Waterline Leak Repair

Whether you have a leak on drainage, water lines, heating or cooling, our highly trained Edmonton plumbers are equipped to handle the repair of your leaks. We’re prepared to deal with all type of materials and systems, including cast iron, copper, steel, and all of the newest plastics.

Edmonton Industrial Waterline Leak Repair

Whether you have a small pinhole leak or require a full re-pipe, we a here to serve you. Our skilled Edmonton and area plumbers are on hand to repair your leak no matter the system or material. We have equipment and experience to repair all types of material including, but not limited to; copper, steel, stainless steel, cast iron, ABS, PVC, CPVC, PEX, brass, and polypropylene. Some examples of systems we can repair are; sanitary, storm, domestic water, hot water heating, steam, natural gas, medical/lab gasses, refrigeration, cooling and compressed air.
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Edmonton BOILER REPAIR & SERVICEcommercial plumbing services - edmonton

At Ram Mechanical, we encourage a proactive approach to residential boiler repair and service. Preventative maintenance helps reduce untimely failures during the heating season. Although we are here to provide service 24/7, having scheduled maintenance allows for the budgeting of costs, and helps alleviate unexpected expenditures. If your current heating system is inefficient, we are able to provide quotes to replace your current equipment with the newest and most efficient technology.

Edmonton Commercial Boiler Service & Repair
Commercial boilers and hot water heating systems provide a long lasting and reliable source of heat for commercial buildings. Like all mechanical systems, a proactive approach to maintenance helps prolong the life of the system and reduces untimely failures. System failures are not only costly to repair, but can also have secondary costs to building owners because commercial clients cannot provide their services without a heated space.

Edmonton Industrial Boiler Service & Repair
Our skilled technicians are available 24/7 to provide you with fast reliable service. We are trained and equipped to meet your needs whether it is a scheduled service or an emergency call. Scheduled maintenance programs help to reduce failures, and allow for budget forecasting. Unscheduled boiler maintenance can be costly, not only in the repair cost, but also in lost revenue.

Edmonton Boiler Replacement

If you currently have an old boiler system, we have experienced staff capable of upgrading your current system with the latest and most efficient technology. New technologies such as condensing boilers and variable frequency drive pumps can provide you with reduced operating costs. Condensing boilers allow for more efficient operation by using more of the heat produced by the combustion process, and also by being able to reduce output to match demand. Variable frequency drive pumps provide energy savings by having the pump speed reduce and increase to meet system demand.

Edmonton Boiler Installationindustrial plumbing services - edmonton

Our team of experienced Edmonton plumbers and boiler installers and are ready to undertake any project, from replacing an existing boiler, to adding additional boilers to your facility. Our team has had great success in providing a quality finished product, even when faced with limiting factors of accessibility and congested installation areas. Ram Mechanical is here to assist boiler projects from conception to completion.
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Edmonton HVAC Services

We are able to take care of all your mechanical needs, including sheet metal and refrigeration. We can repair your existing systems, or provide you with a new one.
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Edmonton Gas Fitting Services

We offer complete gas fitting services for Edmonton and area, including gas lines for BBQs, fireplaces, furnaces and appliances. We also provide complete installation of new appliances, such as garage heaters, furnaces, patio heaters, and water heaters.

  • garage heaters
  • furnaces
  • patio heaters
  • water heaters

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New Construction / Tenant Improvements


Preventative Maintenance


Plumbing, Gas Fitting & HVAC
Industrial & Commercial Plumbers – Edmonton

Edmonton: 780-453-3090
Fort McMurray: 780-799-7201
Providing Edmonton Plumbing & Heating Services Since 1984

Edmonton Plumbing & HVAC Company
Edmonton, AB
Phone: 780-453-3090


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Accurate Estimates

Whether you are in Fort McMurray, Edmonton or somewhere in between, contact Ram Mechanical, plumbing and heating, for an estimate today. When you are visited by a Ram Mechanical estimator, you will get a detailed breakdown of the costs associated with your repair or installation, as well as the time that will be required to complete the service.

New installations are always covered by warranties, and all services are available with our preventive maintenance plans. By coupling your service with a preventive maintenance plan, you are ensuring that your mechanical, plumbing and heating investment will last for years to come. You will also be minimizing those surprise breakdowns, leaks, and catastrophes.


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24/7 Emergency Service

Heating and plumbing emergencies happen, and sometimes they cannot not wait until the next day or Monday. Ram Mechanical always has plumbers and technicians on call.

When you call Ram Mechanical’s after-hours service, you will be greeted by a friendly representative who understands that you are in emergency need. Within moments an emergency plumbing and heating repair specialist will be put in contact with you, and dispatched to your location.

Our emergency repair service technician will isolate and prevent the damage caused by your emergency from spreading. Once temporary control is achieved, we will discuss your repair options with you, as well as your requirements and expectations. Ram Mechanical’s emergency plumbing service management is second to none, and will leave you impressed.
Call us 24 hours a day – 7 days a week for EMERGENCY plumbing & heating services:
Edmonton: 780-453-3090 
Fort McMurray: 780-799-7201


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CCTV Camera Inspection

Is your property’s pipe and duct work aging? Or perhaps something mechanical has never worked correctly? It sounds like a CCTV inspection is exactly what you need. A Ram Mechanical CCTV plumbing and heating technician will come to your property and video map all of your lines. This is a the most effective and affordable way to survey problem areas within your mechanical, plumbing and heating systems. Once areas in need of repairs have been tagged, a repair plan can be created. Why completely replace your mechanical systems when the only thing that is required are spot repairs? A proper CCTV camera inspection and report, combined with an intuitive repair and preventive maintenance plan, will ensure maximum return on your investment.


edmonton - plumbing & heating services - fort mcmurray

We Service Northern Alberta

Fort McMurray, Edmonton, St. Alberta, Spruce Grove, Stony Plain and Sherwood Park. It doesn’t really matter where in Northern Alberta you require mechanical, plumbing and heating service. We have been servicing commercial, residential, industrial and institutional clients in Northern Alberta since 1984.

No project is too large or too small for Ram Mechanical. From design-build partnerships and preventive maintenance plans, to installing water heaters or unclogging drains. Call Ram Mechanical today for your estimate and consultation.


Heating & Plumbing Services – Edmonton & Fort McMurray
Industrial & Commercial Plumbers – Edmonton
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Plumbing, Gas Fitting & Heating

Edmonton: 780-453-3090
Fort McMurray: 780-799-7201
Providing Edmonton Plumbing & Heating Services Since 1984


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