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plumbing company chilliwack - rammech truckMountain Ram Mechanical is a Chilliwack Plumbing & HVAC company that has previously been operating in Alberta for 30+ years. Because of our success, we’ve recently opened a new location in Chilliwack where we’re excited to share our unique approach to handling all your plumbing & HVAC needs.

Mountain Ram Mechanical is a full-service commercial, industrial, and residential plumbing company – Chilliwack & area

Because of our breadth of experience in the plumbing & HVAC industries, we’re able to offer a wide array of services, which is a comfort for many of our customers once they realize that we do our best to remain honest and professional in all the work we do for residents in and around the Chilliwack area. Whether you’re in need of residential or commercial plumbing or HVAC services, Mountain Ram Mechanical is up to the task. In addition, we have licensed and experienced plumbers and HVAC technicians who are on call 24 hours a day / 7 days a week to handle any emergency repair needs.

Chilliwack Plumbing Company
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emergency plumbing chilliwack -  24 hours 15+ years Better Business Bureau Accredited Business
Plumbing Services 30+ Years – *Now in Chilliwack

At Mountain Ram Residential, we are primarily committed to two things: our community as well as our people. This means that we’re not looking to make a quick buck off of each of our customers. Instead, we’re looking to continue our legacy of being an honest, and professional plumbing & HVAC company in the Chilliwack area.

Chilliwack Furnace Repair

The winters in Chilliwack can be extremely hard to brave, especially if your furnace isn’t functioning properly. Regardless of your heating issue, our heating technicians are standing by to help troubleshoot and resolve your emergency calls. While winter is the time of year when most furnace repair calls come in, we’re also able to provide off-season heating system inspections to ensure that you’re not literally left out in the cold once the chilly Chilliwack temperatures set in. Give our Chilliwack heating contractors a call today to schedule an off-season heating inspection.

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Chilliwack Drain Cleaning

plumber chilliwack - drain cleaningOne of the more common calls that our Chilliwack plumbers receive are due to clogged drains. Regardless of whether it’s a commercial drain or a residential one, we have the equipment and the technical knowledge to clear all types of blockages in a timely manner.

Should you have a residential or industrial drain cleaning emergency, keep in mind that our Chilliwack plumbers are always available 24/7 when you need them the most. Our industrial drain cleaning equipment offers a number of different drain augers to ensure that regardless of the size or type of blockage you’re experiencing, our specialized equipment paired with our licensed and reputable plumbers will work their hardest to clear the blockage you’re experiencing and give you advice on how to prevent it from happening in the future.

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Chilliwack Boiler Repair & Service

Because of the harsh winters that are common in Chilliwack, many of our residential, commercial and industrial customers use boilers to heat their properties. While boilers can be incredibly efficient, they’re quite complex, especially when it comes to boiler repair and maintenance. While we offer 24/7 boiler repair & service, we prefer to perform regular maintenance to spot major problems before they become catastrophes. We encourage our customers to have scheduled maintenance appointments with our experienced Chilliwack heating contractors where these types of issues can be spotted and resolved before a minor repair turns into a massive one.

Commercial Boiler Service & Repair

Many commercial buildings in the Chilliwack area rely on boilers for heating. Be sure that if you’re managing facilities that have commercial boilers that you’re doing all you can when it comes to preventative maintenance to prevent costly repairs down the road. Boiler system malfunctions or failures are extremely costly and so it’s important to take the right preventative maintenance steps to ensure your boiler equipment can last for years to come.

Boiler Replacement

If your older boiler system is starting to show its age, it may be time to look at the cost of replacing your system with one of the more state of the art boilers that are currently on the market. New technologies including variable frequency drive pumps as well as condensing boilers have increased the efficiency of today’s boiler systems compared to those from decades ago. Both of these new technologies are extremely energy efficient and may even allow you to reduce your energy bills each month compared to your old and outdated unit. Contact one of our Chilliwack boiler repair experts today to learn more.

Chilliwack Boiler Installation

Whether you’re looking to replace a small boiler in your home, or have a need for a large number of boilers in an industrial application, feel free to reach out to the team at Mountain Ram Mechanical today. Regardless of the size of the boiler project, our experienced team will take on your project with the utmost integrity to ensure that you’re 100% satisfied when the project is complete.

Waterline Leak RepairWATERLINE LEAK REPAIR - chilliwack

One of the most frustrating plumbing problems are waterline leaks. They can be difficult to detect, and even more frustrating to fix. Thankfully our team at Mountain Ram Mechanical has decades of experience identifying and repairing waterline leaks of all types. Whether it’s a drain line leak, water line leak or a heating or cooling line leak, our Chilliwack plumbers are able to handle most calls with ease. Our plumbers have experience working with most pipe materials including copper, steel, cast iron, and a wide array of the latest plastic materials.

Our waterline leak repair services don’t just stop with our residential customers. We also offer industrial waterline repair services as well. Regardless of the size of the waterline leak, we’re equipped to work on waterlines of all shapes and sizes. Our Chilliwack plumbers are experienced with a wide array of materials including copper, stainless steel, steel, brass, cast iron, PVC, CPVC, ABS, PEX, and polypropylene.

Chiliwack Gas Fitting Services

Mountain Ram Mechanical handles all of your gas fitting services in the Chilliwack area including gas lines used for fireplaces, furnaces, new appliances and BBQs. We can also install the new appliances themselves if you’re looking for more of a turnkey operation.

Chilliwack HVAC Services

Whether you’re looking for a new HVAC system, or simply need your existing equipment repaired, our Chilliwack HVAC technicians would be happy to come out to your home or office to provide you with a free estimate.


Free Accurate and Thorough Estimates

When you give Mountain Ram Mechanical a call, we’ll promptly take down your contact information and come out to perform a free and accurate estimate. Feel free to call our Chilliwack offices today to schedule a free estimate for any type of plumbing or heating services today. Along with your estimate, you’ll receive a comprehensive breakdown of all of the costs necessary to complete your project.

In addition to our free estimates, all of our new installations come with warranties, and you’re also always welcome to sign up for one of our preventative maintenance plans to ensure your equipment will last for many decades to come.

24/7 Emergency Plumbing Service

Regardless of the plumbing or HVAC emergency you may have, know that our team is always standing by the phone ready to spring into action. We understand how helpless you can feel in the midst of a plumbing or HVAC emergency, which is why it’s so important for you to understand that we’re always just a phone call away.

Chilliwack Plumbing Company
Heating, Gas Fitting & Plumbing Experts
Chilliwack: 778-860-6688
CCTV Drain Inspection
Drain Cleaning
Drain & Waterline Leak Repair
Refrigeration Services

emergency plumbing chilliwack - 24 hours 15+ years Better Business Bureau Accredited Business
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